My daughter could die every three weeks

Posted by jai on Monday, May 14, 2007

Little fighter: Sophie Perren, aged eight, who is battling a blood disorder, with her mother Nancy

Sophie suffers from the rare immune system disorder, cyclical neutropenia, which means that not only is she more prone to infections generally, but every two to three weeks she is at serious risk of catching an infection she will be unable to fight.

She has already suffered two bouts of pneumonia, four of septicaemia, numerous throat, ear and chest infections as well as a respiratory virus similar to Sars. She has been hospitalised more than 100 times, resuscitated at least 30 times and been given countless courses of antibiotics.

When Sophie was a baby, her mother assiduously followed doctors' instructions to keep her daughter in a totally sterile environment at home. Anyone who came to the house had to scrub their hands with disinfectant, and every eating utensil, toy and surface Sophie was likely to touch was likewise sterilised.

Sophie was unable to go to nursery school or play with other children. It is every parent's instinct to want to protect their child's life, but Nancy has now taken the difficult decision to remove her daughter from this cocooned world.

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Picture and News from: Daily Mail

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YETTE said... at 5/15/2007 6:55 AM  

the little girl looks like a doll. but a fragile one. i hope there would be a miracle and she overcomes her sickness...

MoonDanzer said... at 5/15/2007 7:03 AM  

Hello Sophie, My daughter was born with a rare disorder known as Turners Syndrome. She suffers from many side effects as well. Although 36 now and has recieved her Doctorate in English Literature. The fact still remains that unless we recieve a miracle through stem cell research, then I her Mother, will out live her if I live to my natural age. Most Turner's only make it to somewhere between their late 40's to possibly late 50's. So my heart breaks for you...and, your daughter is very precious and lovely!