Is Prince William giving us an intriguing insight on his own website, or is it just a royal hoax?

Posted by jai on Monday, May 14, 2007

It could be yet another elaborate Internet hoax, but if looks are to be believed, it seems Prince William is offering the world a fascinating insight into his social circle.

A certain William Wales - the name the 24-year-old prince has used during his Sandhurst training and at Eton - has posted an entry on the "social networking" website Facebook.

Of course, with the ease of access to the web it is hard to ensure that the person who posts an entry is who they claim to be.

This means it is not clear whether it is actually Prince William who has registered, or a pretender to the throne.

But the majority of "friends" listed have genuine connections to the prince, either through university, school or his social circles.

Found via/Read more : Daily Mail

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