Welcome to the fair for millionaires

Posted by jai on Saturday, November 24, 2007

In this fair, millionaires can get or buy expensive things or services. Thus, who want diamonds, art work or an elephant for a Christmas present? Can get it here,

Pity the busy Russian millionaire with no time to buy it all. Diamonds, helicopters, automobiles and art are all for the taking. But what about an elephant for his daughter's birthday?

A service now in Moscow - home to the world's second highest concentration of millionaires after New York - is set up to cater to the whims of a growing class of people with huge wealth but little time.

In its first year in Moscow the firm has taken clients past the velvet rope at exclusive night-clubs, landed hard-to-get table reservations in some of the world's most fashionable restaurants, and bought pet dogs.
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