How to exercise at office in cute way!

Posted by jai on Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If feel stress or drowsiness at office
take 5 minute to make this light exercise..
follow this direction

this is like simple taichi la...
as intro and warming up..

copy this movement laa..
to relieve shoulder and neck..

Head movement is important ...
woh..woh..uh.. aaa

move to right then left..

move to left then right

follow je ler... please do not terpusing head udah la..

pat strong strong forehead kat..
this to lose sleepy..

then make hand and body movement...

make like happy aje..

then shake and shake feet and body...

make like takde masaalah...

Important point... the head
lost all stress...
rotate head...

see kat face mirror
while goyang2.. pretty not...

last of all
make cat dance...
if not lost also
take pillow and go sleep


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